Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard Trade Talks Back On (Again)

Alright, everyone has had their two week Olympic break from Dwight Howard news. That's right, we have another Dwight Howard deal in the works that will soon once again take over the sporting world. I feel like I have said this before, like 15 times, but a deal seems closer than ever.

The newest talks center around sending Howard to the Lakers in a blockbuster four team deal, including the Lakers, the Magic, Philadelphia and Denver. As most of these massive deals are massively confusing, we will break it down to show you what each team is rumored to be receiving in the current structure of the deal.

Lakers Get:

-Dwight Howard from Magic

-Al Harrington from Nuggets

Magic Get:

-Pau Gasol from Lakers

-Aaron Afflalo from Nuggets

76ers Get:

-Andrew Bynum from Lakers

Nuggets Get:

-Andre Igoudala from 76ers


So as you can see, a lot of really big pieces would be changing places in this proposed deal. Most notably, the 76ers would make out like absolute bandits here. Basically, they are trading Igoudala for Bynum. Who wouldn't take that? The only thing that can go wrong for Philly would be Bynum refusing to sign an extension, which could definitely happen. The Magic actually prefer Pau Gasol over Bynum in this deal because they feel that they have a better chance to trade Gasol for more young pieces or draft picks. If the Magic can't trade Gasol, they at least know that they can hold on to him, when they could be losing Bynum to free agency. Obviously, the Lakers get the biggest piece of all in Howard, but they give up Gasol and Bynum to get him.

It is important to note that this deal is fluid, and like the previous Dwight Howard deals, could fall apart after seemingly being the perfect deal. Also, the Magic are receiving unknown draft picks in this deal.

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