Lakers Rumors: Dwight Howard Trade Grades

Alright, everyone can wake up from the Dwightmare that has taken over this summer's sports news. It's all over, and it even has a happy ending (for the Lakers). Mitch Kupchak was able to trade for the crown jewel (Howard) and still hold on to Pau Gasol. With Howard heading to LA, the Lake show is ready to make a championship run. To see how the Lakers and the other three teams involved graded out, check out the summary below:


Lakers Get:

-Dwight Howard, Chris Duhon, Earl Clark

Mitch Kupchak held onto Pau Gasol and got the best center in the league. You can't ask for anything more. In pretty much all the previous deals, the Lakers were giving up both Bynum and Gasol, which would have been a tough call for LA. By keeping Gasol, LA got the best possible deal. The Lakers now have a lineup that can compete with the Heat.

P.S.- Earl Clark also has potential. I have liked him ever since he stepped on the court at Louisville.

Grade: A+



Magic Get:

-Arron Afflalo, Al Harrington, Nikola Vucevic, Moe Harkless

-1st round pick from each team (Lakers, Nuggets, 76ers)

The Magic flat out blew it. Trades like these make me think I could be a general manager. Dwight Howard is a one of a kind player right now in the NBA. You have to get at least one very very good piece in return. Average draft picks are not good enough. None of the picks the Magic got will be in the lottery. None of the players are anywhere close to all star caliber. The Magic blew it. At the very least, the Magic needed to get Gasol, Bynum or Brook Lopez in this deal. They got nothing. I know, Bynum's contract is up. Doesn't matter. They could have easily talked Bynum into staying. So in return for the best big man in the league, the Magic got a couple late 1st round draft picks and cap space. They basically got a chance to pay huge bucks for a player in two years. Not even a guaranteed player. A chance to sign a free agent. That's not good enough.

Grade: D-

None of the players the Magic received were worthy of a highlight video.


76ers Get:

-Andrew Bynum (!), Jason Richardson

Everyone is going crazy about Howard going to the Lakers, but the Sixers made out like absolute bandits in this deal. They get the second best true center in the league for a player they didn't even want. Bynum for Igoudala, more or less. The Sixers have been trying to get rid of Iggy for over a year, and have received little interest, but now they are able to swap him for one of the most talented players in the league. Well played Rod Thorn, well played.

Grade: A



Nuggets Get:

-Andre Igoudala

The Nuggets basically trade Afflalo, Al Harrington and a 1st round pick for Igoudala. Not a great deal, but not a bad one either. Iggy fits Denver's system well, and seems to be playing some inspired basketball for the Dream Team. Still, he has been nothing more than a fringe all star throughout his career and is getting older.

Grade: B

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