Lakers Rumors: Deal For Dwight Howard Probably Not Possible

Monday morning, the Lakers officially signed Steve Nash to a three-year, $27 million deal. It was the team's first home run of the free-agency season, and likely its last. Tuesday night, talks between the Nets and Magic came to a standstill, all but ending the saga of trying to get Dwight Howard to Brooklyn.

The Lakers had put its name in the battle for Dwight Howard, but general manager Mitch Kupchak doesn't think a second home run in one offseason is realistic.

‘We think we’ve got one this year,’ Kupchak said, referring to home run deals. ‘So you’re asking if we can do that twice? I’m not quite sure that’s possible.’

Though he never specifically mentioned Howard, refusing to comment further on the Magic's star center, it doesn't seem like he thinks it is going to get done.

Many Lakers fans seem conflicted, not knowing whether to give up the blossoming young star in Andrew Bynum in order to bring in the proven all-world center from Orlando. The Lakers have not given up in their chase to acquire talented free-agents and improve the squad, but the deal for Howard may just be too difficult to make work.

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