Lakers Rumors: "A blessing" for Jabari Parker to be drafted by Lakers?

Lakers rumors are firmly focused on the 2014-15 NBA season and beyond, with the Los Angeles Lakers sputtering to a finish this season with a team that's current construct may not play together ever again.

However, it is Duke's sensational freshman Jabari Parker who command's today's version of Lakers rumors, via, with information obtained from --

It was reported yesterday that Jabari Parker applied for sophomore housing at Duke next year, prompting many NBA experts to speculate that he will return to Duke next season. However, it could be a mere formality of Parker ensuring he has a place to stay if he does return, rather than a full indicator of his actual intentions.

The Los Angeles Lakers have not given any indication as to which of the cream of the 2014 NFL Draft they would choose with a hypothetical pic, choosing instead to focus on the final games of the 2013-14 NBA season.

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