Lakers’ Priority: Finding a Point Guard

The Los Angeles Lakers are facing an offseason that will be filled with a lot of decision-making. Now with Andrew Bynum’s situation finally settled, next on the priority list is to lock up a point guard. Whether it is going to be their current PG Ramon Sessions or a free agent, the lack of PG play has cost the Lakers. Sessions definitely provided a spark this season for the Lakers, but he is probably not the long-term solution.

Deron Williams is the prized free agent in this year’s class, although he has not shown a burning desire play in Los Angeles. He will most likely end up in Dallas or Brooklyn. Looking at another free agent PG Steve Nash, he without question would help the Lakers. Although, the downside to Nash is his age and that he would also not be a long-term solution for the Lakers, but rather a spark for a season or two. The Lakers are in a precarious position at PG because there is not one definitive answer.

The best bet for the Lakers is to trade for a PG that is young and established because whether they go through free agency or retain Ramon Sessions, the long-term future of the Lakers’ PG position lies somewhere else. Besides the bench, the team is in pretty good shape at every other position besides PG, which makes it all the more important to find one in this offseason. The key acquisition for the Lakers this offseason will be point guard because it will determine how they do this upcoming season.

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