Lakers News Update: Kobe Bryant's rehab going "better than expected"

After a tough 2013-14 NBA season for both Lakers news and superstar Kobe Bryant, good news surrounding Kobe's rehabilitation may be just what the Los Angeles Lakers need to go into offseason with complete optimism.

Sam Amick of USA Today Sports spoke with Bryant's trainer earlier today, and had this to report:

After a quick vacation to France, Kobe Bryant began a high-intensity six-month rehab program to get him back him back into playing shape after his recent knee fracture.

Bryant turns 36 in August and, with injuries besieging him over the past couple years, could be entering the final two seasons of his NBA career beginning with 2014-15.

He signed a two-year, $48.5 million extension with the team in November 2013, remaining the team's centerpiece during the Lakers' roster-building efforts going forward.


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