Lakers News: "No first, second option" for Pau Gasol in free agency

In today's edition of Lakers news, the Los Angeles Lakers may make a run at trying to re-sign star center Pau Gasol, it could be up to Gasol's discretion whether or not that becomes a reality.

In an article on, provided in translated form by the good folks over at USA Today Sports' Hoops Hype blog, Pau Gasol expressed gratitude for the fact that general manager Mitch Kupchak wants to talk shop about bring him back to the Lakers: "I appreciate [Mitch] Kupchak's words about his interest in re-signing me. It's always important to feel wanted. Today there's no first or second option. We'll see when the time comes," said Gasol.

If the Los Angeles Lakers are intent on bring Pau Gasol back as part of their plan of revitalizing a franchise that went through one if its worst seasons in recent memory, the Lakers' front office may have to mend fences with Gasol -- especially if head coach Mike D'Antoni is retained in his role.

Gasol has been verbal about his dissonance with Mike D'Antoni's coach philosophy, and also was unhappy to be dangled on the trading block during this year's NBA trade deadline for so long.

However, anything is possible. If the money is right and Mitch Kupchak can convince Gasol of a pivotal role in the team's plans going forward, it is not altogether unfeasible that Gasol could be back with the team in 2014-15.


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