Lakers News: Mitch Kupchak Thinks Kobe Bryant Lost Weight During Injury Rehab

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A ton of attention has been paid his offseason to the apparently much-slimmer LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, and what their weight loss will mean to their respective teams.

However, as reported by Serena Winters of Lakers Nation, Los Angeles Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak believes that there's another lean and mean superstar to watch out for in 2014-15:

According to Lakers Nation's Ryan Ward, "all reports out of the Lakers practice facility indicate Kobe being healthy and back to form. Obviously, scrimmages against teammates are nothing like going head-to-head up against the best of the best in the NBA on a nightly basis, but that has to be a good sign with the start of the season almost a month away."

Add into that equation a slimmer frame (and Kupchak's plans to stay mindful of Kobe's minutes) and all signs are pointing to an explosive comeback season for the Black Mamba.

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