Lakers News: Kobe Bryant "Has Endorsed" A Rajon Rondo Signing, Per Report

The Los Angeles Lakers are gearing for a pivotal 2015 free agency period starting in July, and it looks like one of the marquee free agents set to hit the market already has the blessing of Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant.

Per an on-air conversation with ESPN colleague Max Kellerman, Ramona Shelburne indicated earlier this week that Bryant has "endorsed" Dallas Mavericks guard Rajon Rondo.

Via Lakers Nation:

Shelburne: “If you talk to the Lakers, they think there’s a lot of guys they’re in play for.”

Kellerman: “They’re going to windup with [Rajon] Rondo.”

Shelburne: “Yeah, I think Rondo is the guy. [Goran] Dragic is going to sign in Miami. I think there was a wink-wink, you know. I think he signs there for five years.”

Ireland: “I’m actually hearing that they’re not as in love with Rondo as they once were.”

Shelburne: “The best thing Rondo has going for him is that he’s great in the playoffs and Kobe has endorsed him. In other words, Kobe thinks he’s got the right stuff inside of him.”

One report has already surfaced calling Rondo a "mortal lock" to sign with Los Angeles, so this report from ESPN's Ramona Shelburne should only add fuel to said rumors.

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