Lakers News: Byron Scott says "this is not a new Kobe" after Nuggets win

Kobe Bryant's performance in the Los Angeles Lakers' win over the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday night drew plenty of oohs and ahhs from Lakers players and fans alike, as he dropped 23 points and added both 11 assists and 11 rebounds for his 21st-career triple-double.

For Byron Scott (per Lakers Nation), regardless of what looked like a facilitate-first, shoot-second mindset on Tuesday, things haven't changed with Kobe:

"This is not a new Kobe. It’s just an old Kobe doing the same old things he’s been doing.”

While Scott and Kobe have a great relationship by all accounts, Scott hasn't taken to conversing with Bryant about evolving his game with age. Other than having a conversation about the point guard position a week ago, Scott leaves Bryant's playing style to Bryant:

"To be honest with you, a lot of it I kind of leave up to Kobe because I know on the floor he sees everything that’s kind of going on, and he has a different mindset on the floor than I do,” Scott said after practice. “Great players especially, you ask them when they’re coming off the floor, and during timeouts, what do they see, what is going on out there?”

Scott added that he's not sure just how much Kobe can actually 'evolve' due to "how great he’s been."

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