Lakers Have Enough "Star" Power To Win It All?

The Lakers have acquired quite a team over the summer but, are they really a “Super team” enough to defeat the likes of the young and agile Oklahoma Thunder or the defending champs, Miami Heat?

Adding Steve Nash was a shock to many fans but definitely not a disappointment. A point guard, undeniably what the Lakers squad needed but is well over the age limit as most expected a younger ball handler. Nash is one of the best PG’s in the game; he has set the bar for the position and has incredible basketball IQ which is what the purple and gold lacked tremendously. Yet, having a nearly 40 year old player in the most important position on the court is very risky. Point guard is a position that needs leadership in offense and defense, Nash can provide only one of those with his age. The saying goes “Defense wins championships”, and Nash will be facing much younger point guards throughout the season that he will have a hard time keeping up with. Didn’t the Lakers get rid of Fisher for this exact reason? Substituting one aging PG for another that has the title “superstar” in front of his name is legitimate I guess. Again, Nash is a great player but nabbing a younger point guard would have been better in the long run.

Dwight Howard was THE talk of the summer, whether the Lakers could acquire him or not or even if he would want to head to L.A. No one expected Howard to join the team, probably not even Howard himself. The addition of the Superman has instilled confidence in the fans to make it all the way to the championship but of course with the addition of not one but two all stars comes the smack talk from haters.

The Lakers will definitely have its brawl between the younger, growing, little brother the Clippers and of course LeBron James and the Heat. Who wouldn’t want to watch those games? But do the Lakers really have a chance against Miami? Coming from a pessimist point of view, the odds aren’t in our favor too much but who knows maybe Howard’s back won’t go crazy and Nash will gain super power defense in the next few months. It’s extremely exciting to imagine what Kobe, Nash and Howard can do together on the court but combining their ages will be more than the points they can put on the board each game.

The Lakers needed a young team and to rebuild, even if that meant falling off the map for a season or two but it looks like the Lakers organization went for a short term solution again, they must worship the motto, “live in the now”. Yet it will be an exciting season and we will definitely be watching the Lakers play OKC in the western conference this season.

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