Lakers Fans Getting Used to Frustrated Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant was once again in street clothes on the sidelines, as he watched the Los Angeles Lakers fall to 16-27 after losing to the Miami Heat 109-102. The Lakers have been on quite a skid and are looking for answers from anywhere and everywhere. Lack of quality NBA talent, multiple injuries and lack of effort have been at the root of this losing streak. All the while with Kobe Bryant sitting on the bench.

Lakers fans have been here before, 2004-2005 season, in which the team finished with 34-48 and that was with Kobe on the floor. Along with Smush Parker and Kwame Brown. Wow, those were the days. However, this time around it is even harder for Kobe to watch, as he has to do it all from the bench. We have seen this look on multiple occasions over the course of this season. Personally, this is my favorite one so far, as it seemed that at the same time, I was doing the same actions.

GIF courtesy of @jose3030

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