Lakers Coaching Rumors: Top Candidates As Of May 24th


In today's edition of Lakers coaching rumors, the field for Mike D'Antoni's replacement is starting to take shape as the days wear on. One early favorite continues his run at the top of our list, while another dark horse pick could end up on the outside looking in when all is said and done. Who are they? Find out in our Top 5 Lakers Head Coaching Candidates As Of May 24th.


5. Derek Fisher

Per Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, Fisher is "a secondary candidate right now," as the team wants "an experience type coach." This could very well be true, or it could also be a smokescreen to throw off teams like the Knicks who have made their feelings known about Fisher's blockbuster coaching potential. Either way, don't expect the Los Angeles Lakers to tip their hand until Fisher is done playing in the playoffs.

4. George Karl

If the Lakers truly want an "experienced type coach," who better than George Karl? We've said this before and we'll say it again - Karl hasn't had a losing season as a head coach since the first Nintendo console was in its heyday. Karl just wins, and he would have the instant respect of both Kobe Bryant and the entire Lakers locker room. It's up to the Lakers to decide whether his spotty playoff record is worth the risk as the rebuilding process finalizes over the next year or two.

3. Jeff Van Gundy

Van Gundy fits everything that the Lakers say they want, but does he want the Lakers job badly enough to outlast the field? The popular in-game analyst has been biding his time for the right job with the right means to build a contender. Rumors are swirling that he could also be interested in the Cleveland Cavs job - especially with the Cavs holding on to the first overall pick in June's draft. Keep an eye on this, but for now Van Gundy remains near the top of the Lakers' search.


2. Tom Thibodeau

If Thibs is available via trade, the Memphis Grizzlies have already made it clear that they will be major players to try and acquire the defensive mastermind. However, don't be surprised when the Lakers swoop into to those negotiations in hopes of matching Thibodeau up with Kobe Bryant - a player who respects him greatly and could be very well be rejuvenated with Thibs on the sidelines.

1. Byron Scott

Per an interview with ESPN Radio 710 in LA, Scott stated that his interview "went well...I think it's the perfect fit...I am the perfect guy for the job." Confidence? Check. Lakers' pedigree? Check. The Los Angeles Lakers haven't started the "formal" interview process as of yet, so Scott's initial interview was more of a feeling-out process. Yet, Scott is most likely a lock to receive a second interview in the near future - and is perhaps emerging as the prime contender in a very widespread coaching search.


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