Kobe Bryant Takes Thursday's Practice Off

Superstar Kobe Bryant returned to full practice on Tuesday and Wednesday but sat out Thursday's practice. The decision was made by Kobe and Mike D'antoni after Bryant suffered from a little soreness after two consecutive days of practice. "I think it's just precautionary," Lakers Coach Mike D'Antoni said Thursday. "It's going to be a little bit of a process and [we'll] make sure he's healthy when he gets back."

The Lakers did not say it was a setback but rather just a "playing it safe" situation. With Kobe just over seven months removed from his Achilles surgery, Bryant seems to be on track to be the fastest player to ever return from this devastating injury.

With two home games coming up this weekend it is highly unlikely that we will see Bryant in either of the two games. It's important to remember that Bryant was not able to fully run or condition himself for nearly seven months. Head Coach Mike D'antoni knows that he needs to get back to game shape along with working his Achilles. "Wind, conditioning, timing," D'Antoni said. "There's so many things. He hasn't played since April and it just takes you a little bit. I think he surprised everybody by how he did already, but again, it's a little bit different from practice than a game. It's going to be a little bit of a process. But when he's ready, he'll know it."

Bryant may mentally be ready to get back out on the court with his Lakers teammates but bottom line is, until his body is fully ready to go, don't expect to see the "Black Mamba" back out there.

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