Kobe Bryant News: Lakers Star Player Prepares Birthday Dinner For Wife

Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant can be considered one of the sweetest and romantic players in the world of NBA. After having his wife’s name tattooed on his arm, he now got a top chef to fly from Italy to cook her wife’s favorite foods.

Even if he is known to be one of the luckiest players in basketball history to earn millions of dollars, he carries the burden of preparing the best birthday surprise he can do for his wife, Vanessa.

He started her day by posting her photo and giving a caption that says: “today is the day my angel came to earth.” Now, isn’t that the sweetest? Bryant also posted via Instagram a shot from the birthday celebration along with the executive chef Fabrizio de Togni. The highly deemed chef works for Paper Moon which is the favorite restaurant of Bryant’s wife in Milano.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ main man also boasted of his own Italian skills with the language by posting hashtags in Italian such as “ciboitaliano” and even “millegrazie.”

The couple dined on some beef fillets and eggplant parmigiana and some penne arrabbiata. With such a sweet gesture, Kobe Bryant did not just score some good points on the hard court but more on his wife’s heart.

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