Kobe Bryant Named Player of the Century by Dime Magazine

Is there any more obvious choice at this point?  The century is only 12 years old.  Kobe has won 5 NBA titles among his many other personal accomplishments.  Lebron James missed the first four years of the century and let's face it, that really has no bearing on this title being given to Kobe.

The article which comes from Dime magazine issue #71 explains that Kobe has done more this century than any other player and even if you aren't the biggest Kobe Bryant fan you can't really argue against him.  Yet, it seems that everybody wants to chime in with who they think is the greatest player of this century.

If I had to choose a runner-up in this competition the answer to me is almost as obvious as Kobe winning this title.  Tim Duncan has led the Spurs to 3 NBA titles this century and though he is never the flashy guy on the court he always put up huge numbers while winning absurd amounts of games with basically the same teams.

Kobe is the (1B) best player ever along with (1A) Michael Jordan.  Until somebody challenges those two guys at the top of the stratosphere, Kobe will continue to get praise in this century.  Lebron is the next closet to mimicking the talent that Kobe and Michael possessed.  The funniest thing that I have always found about these debates is the lack of love given to the best big men.  Shaq, Kareem, Wilt, Russell, all considered Gods of the sport, but very rarely the best.

I haven't had a chance to read the article yet, but I assume that Kobe is given the award for what he has meant to the Lakers.  Without him on the roster the Lakers may still not have had a title since the 90s.  So maybe the title of best player this century should go to Jerry West for bringing Kobe to LA and changing the course of history.  Does anybody think that Kobe could be a completely different player had he started in Charlotte where he got drafted?

The debate for best player this century starts and ends with Kobe.  Challengers are beginning to approach, but at this time the question is answered.  What does this title mean to Kobe?  Probably nothing seeing as he has eyes set on a much more important title.  I am sure he is gracious to those who chose him though.  As a fan, you have to be inspired by the way the guy plays the game.  Losing isn't an option and people respect that about him.  Congratulations on another meaningless title Kobe!

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