Jalen Rose and the 14 Worst Outfits in NBA Draft Day History

In anticipation of tonight's NBA Draft (7:30 ET) we wanted to take a moment to look back at drafts in years past and analyze some of the amazing fashion flubs by some of today's NBA stars.

The NBA draft is the first time for rookies to meet and greet with their new coaches and owners, but these players did so in the ugliest possible fashion (pun intended). Enjoy this horrendously bad suits, because we know that Barney Stinson would have an aneurism if he got a look at these players garb.

Jalen Rose

College: Michigan

Year Drafted: 1994

Drafted By: Nuggets












Erick Dampier

College: Mississippi State

Year Drafted: 1996

Drafted By: Pacers










Maurice Taylor

College: Michigan

Year Drafted: 1997

Drafted By: Clippers










Samaki Walker

College: Louisville

Year Drafted: 1996

Drafted By: Mavericks










Charlie Villanueva

College: Connecticut

Year Drafted: 2005

Drafted By: Raptors










Tim Thomas

College: Villanova

Year Drafted: 1997

Drafted By: Nets













Joakim Noah

College: Florida

Year Drafted: 2007

Drafted By: Bulls











Eric Gordon

College: Indiana

Year Drafted: 2008

Drafted By: Clippers













Drew Gooden

College: Kansas

Year Drafted: 2002

Drafted By: Grizzlies















Metta World Peace

College: St. Johns

Year Drafted: 1999

Drafted By: Bulls











LeBron James

High School: St. Vincent St. Mary

Year Drafted: 2003

Drafted By: Cavaliers









James Harden

College: Arizona St.

Year Drafted: 2009

Drafted By: Thunder










Hakeem Olajuwon

College: Houston

Year Drafted: 1984

Drafted By: Rockets












Steve Nash

College: Santa Clara

Year Drafted: 1996

Drafted By: Suns

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