Combing the Internet, and Cleaning Out the Knots within the Information


“The study of thinking machines teaches us more about the brain than we can learn from introspective methods. Western man is externalizing himself in the form of gadgets.”—Naked Lunch by William Burroughs

Just as the Kentucky games was about to go final—I forgot it was on—the main difference between college and pro hoops, to me, came with my realization that I’d never forget the NBA was on television (let alone a game of that much importance)—I began checking the internet on my phone, finding some interesting and entertaining things.

From Grantland: “Grizzly Problems: Can Memphis Make it to the Finals”—by Jay Caspian Kang

Now this thing just had to be read, because on anyone’s list of Finals contenders, I would highly doubt anyone has them one it; they aren’t even a division leader, I thought, but you have to give the man a shot, so I read on…

Kang crafted an interesting lead, talking expectations, injuries, streaks (of the winning and losing variety) and made very good points about the differences in teams meeting in the regular and second seasons.

“The Grizzlies still have the talent and the depth to beat anyone” namely because they “have seven quality basketball players” and “these seven guys present unique matchup problems”, and his reasoning that follows is sound.

Kang, then, reminded us all of Memphis’ success in last year’s playoffs; well done indeed.

The only real time Kang lost me was when he made an off-the-wall comparison of Rudy Gay to Tracy McGrady; it’s just silly. He really goes after Gay a lot, actually, and calls him unnecessarily mediocre, essentially.

In closing, Kang brought up something about which I never thought: In a few years, it’ll be the Thunder and Grizz-Kids fighting it out for the West, but…

“Rudy Gay refuses to be anyone but Rudy Gay.” The end. Ouch.

Time will tell, but I’d be willing to bet—Jay Caspian Kang, or anyone else for that matter—Memphis won’t even be in the Western Conference Finals. Run to the window with that one.

From “Jeremy Lin has torn meniscus”—from news services

I read of Jeremy Lin during the last five minutes of OSU/Kansas; the TV properly muted…

Here’s what I found out:

“The Knicks will continue to turn to Baron Davis”; duh. Coach Woodson said, “We’ll probably go with what we have” in regards to going out and getting help.

OSU-55/Kansas-54…2:48 to go

There’s mentioning of no Lin and possibly no Amar’e for the rest of the year, but they fail to mention the playoff chances of NYK; instead, just strings lengthy and boring quotes from Lin. Sad, isn’t it?

OSU-59/Kansas-58…1:37 left

And I found this little highlight reel; it’s insightful…


OSU-61/Kansas-62…9.6 remaining

Welcome to the Last Month of the Regular Season LAL. The second loss to the Thunder had a damaging effect on the Lakers, and that’s obvious from their lackluster performance against the New Orleans Hornets—at home of all places, too.

But the hangover was overcome; it took awhile, and one incredibly clutch shot from Kobe Bryant, yet the Lakers got over the heartache, much like they did last time; Kobe bailed them out of potential despair like the best player in basketball—that he is—should.

Coming up for the Lakers this evening are the Warriors, followed by the Nets: Who are playing very well on their little roadie on the west coast, so hopefully LAL won’t be looking too far ahead, like to the game the next night against the Clips, and fold.

Time to Sign Off…Then, I listened to Elton John’s Tumbleweed Connection, via YouTube, as the college game ends.

I had a pretty bad bracket, but I got the title game right somehow.

“Hustlers of the world, there is one Mark you cannot beat: The Mark Inside…”—more Naked Lunch


(“The highway is alive tonight…”)


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