Before, During, After…The Lake Show on Christmas Day


I was dreaming of a white Christmas, and then, Mother Nature delivered me one. Or at least, in theory, it’ll be a white Christmas.

Saying this, one should wonder why I’m talking like this, but, to be completely honest, I must do this in three segments—all written at different times—for this Christmas season for me is insane.

So let’s do this…


According to a USA Today article I found while unpacking, from the fourteenth of December, the last time the Lakers played the Knicks they lost: 116-107. Meaning, that the contest in the morrow will be a revenge match for the team from the City of Angels.

Further info gathered from the Nation’s Newspaper (the USA Today) is that Melo dropped a half hundred twice as a Nugget, yet as a K-Nick, he only scored as high as 45, but the kid from Syracuse did do that twice as well. This sets quite a stage, doesn’t it?

Speaking of the league’s best offensive players, Kobe will be there, too—not to mention the triumphant return of one Steve Nash.

Kobe Bryant has always played phenomenal basketball on Christmas, and this contest shall be no different.

Prediction: Lakers 103/Knicks 102; Kobe 43/Melo 48. Pretty cool, huh?


Playing with fire while the Lakers were hosting the team from New York was how my day went.

The game went back-and-forth, according to my phone, but my father kept assuring me every time the Lakers fell behind that they would prevail; he was right.

Other than a bonfire, I got stuck watching Ted—what a punishment indeed.

Flipping the game on with 2:22 left to play, it was the first time I’d seen the all-white Laker uniforms. Impressive.

The scoreboard read LAL 100/NYK 94 when the clock ran out, yet the game/set/match moment happened with around a half-a-minute remaining in the ballgame with a Gasol dunk—Pau!

Kobe & Melo matched each other’s point total, that being 34.

Steve Nash had 16-6-11; WOW…


Hindsight is nothing with which to argue, for it’s always correct; don’t debate, therefore, the facts of history; talking to enough History Majors will cure you of this.

So the Lake Show defeated the Knicks in the revenge match—if you could even call it that, for LAL did not play NYK during their contest in the Garden at full strength—and their season series is knotted at a win a piece.

Kobe has scored 30 plus points in nine-straight ballgames; Steve Nash played thirty-seven minutes, meaning he’s healthy; Gasol looks to be having fun again; and the artist formerly known as Ron Artest fouled out and didn’t lose his mind.

All these things are positives.

More Christmas music…In fact, this may be my favorite song for this particular holiday


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