A Random NBA Playoff Article About LAL

Following the Western Conference standings for the first time this year—or, you could say, actually looking at them—I became aware that the Lake Show is set up as the eighth seed at this moment in time, some one-and-a-half games behind the Rockets for seventh as well.

Neither their current matchup (against the Spurs) nor their potential matchup if they can slide into seventh (against the Thunder) are really winnable, so I don’t even know why I’m thinking about this…let alone why I’m writing this, but things need to be said about the Western Conference playoffs, because they’re wide open, unlike the East, where we’re set to wait for the Heat to emerge as champs.

Watching Minnesota visit Houston got this ball rolling in my head: Are the Lakers really a playoff team? Like, has this whole season been one whole blur of mediocrity that the city of Los Angeles can write off by saying, At least we made the playoffs? Can anyone really stand for such subpar basketball?

The T-Wolves look decent, too, but the Rockets are obviously better with their fearless leader of James Harden, so…I’ll get back to “The Man With the Golden Gun” right after the soft pretzels are done…Wait—the Timberwolves are up nine in the third quarter; huh?

108-100 Houston after the movie, just as I’d suspected.

Should I talk about the Heat and their twenty game win streak? No; this is a doubleheader. The Bulls are visiting the Warriors for the second game on NBATV, so…see you after the game—or during.

The Lakers beat the Pacers tonight in their building, and I’m excited that they’re 10-3 since the All Star Break; I wish I could’ve watched tonight’s game, though, because Kobe didn’t even score. But I am watching basketball nevertheless, so one cannot be too picky.

D-Lee versus Carlos Boozer should make for a ton of fun tonight, and this one should go down to the wire as well. (Both of these statements come from witnessing the early goings on of this Friday Night Basketball Contest.)

Harden had 37 against the T-Wolves, no wonder the Rockets won.

The Thunder won; the Mavs recovered from their heartbreaker last night; the Heat won (I’m still not talking about the streak, for it matters not because the NBA Finals are the Heat’s only goal).

26-21 Bulls, and I’ll wait to write anything else of importance; maybe I’ll even be smart and wait until tomorrow. Maybe.

Ten Years After is calling my name, because the passing of Alvin Lee depresses me, so we need to keep his legacy going as a guitar player and the only way we can do that is play Cricklewood Green to all comers, so I’ll be doing that for the next 10 to 12 years just to bring up the fact that I’m aware of someone as influential musician as Alvin Lee.

David Lee grabs an offensive board and puts it back for a contested two to tie the game at 44, but I need to put the laptop down for a few hours and then let you guys have it…

94-63 Bulls after three quarters, and I did wait until tomorrow, for it is twenty past twelve, but it’s time to bail on this ball game. Don’t call me a quitter; just call me a realist.

The Chicago Bulls appear to be keeping themselves in the hunt for glory in the playoffs because they’re set up to be in the middle of the pack in the East and, with Derrick Rose, they can make waves. The Warriors? Waves? Not really…yet they’re fun to watch during the regular season, especially on a lonely Friday night such as this.

Go Lakers

[The following text was written after the writer finally got some sleep, and upon waking on Saturday, he was asked nicely by his editor to put a legitimate ending on this column, and luckily he was willing to oblige him.]

Saturday is here and another NBATV doubleheader looms, IND/PHI and MEM/UTA, but those matchups aren’t as attractive as Friday’s contests, so I might be absent to that one.

Does anyone care about Denver’s eleven-game winning streak? All the talk of Miami has many people missing the rest of the NBA at times.

I still can’t think of a way to end this thing, so…Au revoir

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