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This is a depressing way to end an album, but its how the band Ween decided to end their LP entitled The Mollusk, and, strangely enough, it makes me think of Lamar Odom.

So how does my mind wander toward a former Laker during “She Wanted to Leave”—even with lyrics like “Three men came aboard my ship and took my true love from me”? Stay with me, for its hidden in those same goofy set of words put to song.

The line that causes this mental motion is “I never loved thee.” It could be a bit of a stretch, yet it makes sense upon further, and several different forms of, explanation.

Think about the whole saga in hindsight: Did you ever think Lamar Odom achieved his potential given his physical gifts? No. The man is a chronic underachiever. Or, wasn’t it odd how little the Lakers took just to get him off their hands? Beginning to make sense now, isn’t it?

Odom has little if any left in the tank, and his play since being shipped to Dallas proves that. And unlike the Derek Fisher situation—who was willing to move on and let bygones be bygones—Odom lacks the desire to be able to let things go, like diminishing skills and therefore an adapted role to which he was unaccustomed.

But enough chatter on former Lakers…

Kobe’s Mysterious Shin.

[caption id="attachment_916" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Photo Credit: Harry How/Getty Images"][/caption]

The injury left LAL without its best player, but sometimes these things—no matter how strange they are—cause necessary growth for a team. They did, in fact, win two-of-three contests sans the NBA’s leading scorer.

Pau Gasol has emerged as a kind of temporary leader, and Pau went one rebound shy of having a double-double in every ball game Kobe was absent; furthermore, Andrew Bynum took the time last night to make an impressive stand against the Spurs: To the tune of 30 rebounds; coming out of our shell, are we, Mr. Bynum?, and making every Laker fan that cried for Dwight Howard look silly.

Yet the real treat last night was Metta World Peace leading the Lakers in scoring with 26 points. (And would you believe that there was a ChatSports writer wanting the Lake Show to trade him at the deadline; I know, complete lunacy.)

The Other Team in LA.

If you’re going to get all excited over the Clips beating the Thunder in their building: Hold your horses. Just like when they played the Lakers, the only way that LAC can beat the better teams of the Western Conference is when CP3 nets more than 30.

It’s not when Chris Paul goes assist crazy, nor is it when Blake Griffin goes off; the only time the Los Angeles Clippers are a threat to anyone of significance is when that rarer than the lunar eclipse occurrence happens.

Sorry, but the only way to say this is this: One team in LA has been getting better since before the break, and the other has been slowly declining. I hope my ranting and raving has made my stance on this subject so obvious I don’t even have to say it.

Boston is Humming.

No team has been better since the All Star Break than the Boston Celtics; this is indisputable.

Paul Pierce has found his stroke; KG is playing like he’s 5 years younger; Brandon Bass makes Orlando look dumber and dumber for letting him go; and bencher Ray Allen is on fire from all over the floor—like he’s found a second wind or something.

[caption id="attachment_917" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Photo Credit: Elise Amendola/AP"][/caption]

But the real thing keeping Boston together is a man about whom if I’ve said this once I’ve said it a thousand times: He should have been an all star: Rajon Rondo.

Not only did Rondo just produce his sixth triple-double (with an incredible line of 10/10/20), he’s had at least 10 assists in his last 19 games. How was he not an All Star? I’ll never know.

Why Not More—and Updated—Power Rankings?

1.) OKC—Their only problem right now is the looming decision whether to keep Serge Ibaka or James Harden; that’s it.

2.) baby bulls—These guys are NBA Finals bound: Nothing can be surer than this.

3.) los Spurs—San Antonio may be in trouble come playoff time, but for the regular season, they’re third best; why not?

4.) Celtics—Playing like they could theoretically in theory beat the Heat in 7 games; yes they can.

5.) LAL—Wait for the second season; they’ll shine.

I honestly didn’t have the Lakers in that top 5 until they showed me something in their last few games without their fearless leader. Remember: It all comes out in the wash.

And now…more Ween


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