3 Star Players The Lakers Could Trade For During The 2015-16 Season

The Los Angeles Lakers made plenty of waves this offseason, overhauling their roster with the likes of Roy Hibbert, Lou Williams and D'Angelo Russell (via the draft). We have a sneaking suspicion that the Lakers aren't done, especially if they get off to a hot start during the 2015-16 NBA season. Here's our list of 3 Star Players The Lakers Could Trade For In The 2015-16 Season.

Taj Gibson

Los Angeles reportedly inquired about Gibson during the 2013-14 season, but the Bulls weren't interested in what the Lakers were willing to offer for him. The problem here is that Gibson is slotted into a normal power forward role, but he does have the flexibility to play at the 3 and he'd come at a relatively cheap $8.95 million rate for the 2015-16 campaign. There have been rumors swirling about Nick Young's Lakers future, so while Los Angeles is stacked at power forward with Brandon Bass and Julius Randle, slotting the flexible Gibson in Young's spot could make for intriguing rotation combinations for head coach Byron Scott.

Joe Johnson

Speaking of potential Nick Young replacements, Johnson is an intriguing volume shooter/clutch bomber one year sign-and-trade option. The Lakers would have to eat part of his exorbitant $24.8 million-plus salary for 2015-16, but they'd be able to secure him on a major discount for 2015-16 and instantly add a needed shooter that can knock down jumpers when a trailer gets in Kobe Bryant's face or runs towards the post. Johnson gets a bad rap because of the outsized expectations connected to his massive multi-year deal, but he's still one of the shooters you'd like to have on your side if a game breaks out into a mid-to-long range shooting exhibition.

Kevin Durant

This would be the sign-and-trade to end all sign-and-trades. We're pretty sure Durant is eyeing a rising cap number after the 2016-17 season (following the NBA's massive new national TV deal) and may not be all too interested in locking in long-term after this coming year, a la LeBron James. So, let's put some hypotheticals out in the ether. What if the OKC Thunder stumble badly out of the gate and look lost in the water in a stacked Western Conference? What if Kobe Bryant gets into Durant's ear about the benefits and legacy-building that comes with becoming the face of the Lakers? What if Durant is willing to lock in on a one-year sign-and-trade with LA, especially if the Lakers outstrip expectations in the first couple months?

There's a LOT of "what if's" here. But, you have to believe the Lakers would entertain mortgaging part of the farm to get a leg up on long-term negotiations with Durant.

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