Yasiel Puig Forgives Giants Fan Jared Goff For Tweet, Invites Rams QB To Dodgers Game

Yasiel Puig looks like he's letting bygones be bygones after unearthing an unfavorable tweet about himself on the Twitter account of new Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff. 

Goff, a lifelong San Francisco Giants fan, said he wanted Puig to "get a fastball in the ribs" after showing up his hometown team back in 2013. Puig tweeted a response on Friday morning, the day after Goff was drafted first overall by the Rams, in an apparent effort to bury the hatchet.

Goff's message came after a Puig walk-off home run in 2013, with the brash Dodgers star flipping his bat and sliding into home plate. Puig clearly went a little overboard with his celebration, so it's nice to see the outfielder giving the young quarterback a pardon.

Whether or not the former Cal star actually accepts Puig's invite -- perhaps even changing his team allegiance -- remains to be seen. 

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