Ranking The Los Angeles Dodgers' 4 Biggest Offseason Needs

The Los Angeles Dodgers won their third consecutive NL West title in 2015, but their season ended with yet another playoff disappointment -- this one coming in a five-game NLDS loss to the New York Mets. Once again the Dodgers are in a unique spot. Assessing the needs of a team that's had such regular-season success as of late is tricky, but here's our best guesses for the team's top four offseason priorities.

4. Decide How To Approach The Outfield

The biggest question mark out near the warning tracks is whether the Dodgers are will to sell high on Yasiel Puig and risk seeing his potential realized in another uniform. Los Angeles has the curse of way too many options in the outfield and not enough playing time to spread out. Either Puig goes, Scott Van Slyke gets traded or the Dodgers do something extremely creative to make the outfield rotation tenable.

3. Find Another Starter

Contrary to popular belief, the Dodgers don't need to land a free agent starter of the caliber of David Price to consider their offseason a success. They could easily pay less to a guy like Scott Kazmir or Mike Leake, complete the #1 task on our list and reap the rewards of a well-rounded pitching staff. Just because LA can break the bank doesn't mean they have to.

2. Re-Sign Zack Greinke

Greinke has opted out of the remaining three years and $71 million of his deal, sending him to free agency and guaranteeing himself massive heaps of cash. The Dodgers' #1, #2 and #3 priorities are to secure Greinke on a long-term deal, making him a very rich man and keeping their timeless Clayton Kershaw/Greinke 1-2 punch intact. It may cost them $200 million, but his 1.66 ERA in 2015 means he's WELL worth it.

1. Find A Manager

Here are the latest Bovada odds for Don Mattingly's replacement:

Gabe Kapler 5/4
Dave Martinez 5/2
Tim Wallach 7/1
Ron Roenicke 7/1
Dusty Baker 12/1
Phil Nevin 12/1
Bob Geren 15/1
Dave Roberts 15/1

Right now Kapler and Martinez are the favorites going away, but there's still a chance a name not on this list could make a fast rise. Keep an eye out, but bank on Kapler or Martinez.

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