Dodgers Trade Rumors: Los Angeles The "Runaway" Favorite To Land Cole Hamels?

Of all the teams to keep an eye on in Cole Hamels Watch 2015, the Los Angeles Dodgers may be the likeliest option to strike a deal with the Philadelphia Phillies, regardless of Phillies GM Ruben Amaro's hardline stance on a blockbuster return.

According to Buster Olney of, "if you polled the other 28 teams in baseball on where Hamels will be working come August, the Dodgers would be the runaway pick."

However, the cost may be too much for the Dodgers' front office to justify a move, even with three extra years of team control over Hamels and an option in 2019.

They've never been able to sell the Phillies on a package for Hamels that didn't include someone like shortstop phenom Corey Seager or the Dodgers' best pitching prospect, Julio Urias," Olney added. "We've heard rumblings that, if one of those two isn't in the deal, the Phillies have asked for as many as six players back from the Dodgers' 1-A prospect tier. And that ain't happening, either."

Stay tuned.

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