Dodgers Rumors: Los Angeles May Still Be Interested In Acquiring Justin Verlander

The Los Angeles Dodgers wanted to add another ace to their pitching staff at the trade deadline, so they pulled off a last-minute deal with the Texas Rangers that netted them Yu Darvish. 

Now, they may try to add another one in Justin Verlander, who cleared revocable waivers late last week, according to Jason Reed of LA Sports Hub.

Yet still, despite the Dodgers acquiring the solid right-handed pitcher that they were seeking, more moves could be in the cards in the coming weeks. Another target that was tied in the Dodgers rumors was 2011 AL MVP, Justin Verlander. Despite the deadline passing, Verlander very easily could still be on the Dodgers’ radar.

Verlander cleared revocable waivers for the Tigers, meaning that the veteran right-hander can be traded despite the deadline passing. With Verlander owning a no-trade clause on his contract, he essentially can dictate his future. This leaves the Tigers to try and make out a deal with World Series contenders, giving them a very short list of potential candidates.

Is the chance there that the Dodgers will go out and get Verlander for practically nothing? Absolutely. Adding Verlander would only strengthen their pitching staff further and continue to cement them as baseball’s best. The Dodgers rumors around Verlander certainly are in the realm of possibility, but may not be all that practical.

Verlander's contract is what has been holding up any potential trade, and it is also the reason the Tigers are looking to trade one of the faces of their franchise. The 34-year-old is under contract for $28 million per year through 2019, and that contract includes a $22 million vesting option for 2020 if he finishes in the top five in the 2019 Cy Young voting. 

There is also a full no-trade clause in Verlander's contract, meaning he could veto any possible deal. However, there's a good chance he could waive it for the Dodgers in order to compete for a World Series title.

Verlander is 7-7 with a 4.20 ERA and 136 strikeouts in 23 starts this season.

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