Dodgers' OF Andre Ethier To Get Bone Scan

The Los Angeles Dodgers might have yet another injury on their hands. Outfielder Andre Ethier fouled a ball off his right shin Friday, but X-Rays came back negative. He was diagnosed with a shin contusion, but with the injury healing slowly, he's undergone a bone scan. 

"He’s just not feeling well. It’s not responding," Dodgers manager Dave Roberts told the Orange County Register. "We’re trying to stay positive but the way he’s moving around so gingerly and not able to bear weight, we wanted to do the scan."

Ethier is still using crutches and has pain in the leg. The bone scan could reveal a fracture that wasn't present in the first X-Ray. Roberts is worried that could be the case. 

"A little bit, yeah," Roberts said. “Because after a contusion, even if it gets you pretty good, you should still feel a little less discomfort (after three days). He’s just kind of not there yet. Sometimes X-rays don’t tell the whole story."

It could be a bad break for Ethier, who was playing well in Spring Training. The Dodgers were considering using him as their leadoff hitter against right handed pitching this season. 

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