LA Dodgers: What to Watch for the rest of the season

1) Impact of Hanley Ramirez and Shane Victorino

--The Dodgers adding Hanley Ramirez, from the Miami Marlins, and Shane Victorino, from the Philadelphia Phillies, have been good moves that GM Ned Colletti executed. Hanley, now starting at his primary position of shortstop, will become more comfortable in the field and will make a difference in the lineup. As well as Shane, who will be bolstering the outfield. Heading toward the end of the season, Hanley and Shane will have to be major contributors in order for the Dodgers to win the National League West.

2) Matt Kemp's production

--As the leader and best player on the team, Matt Kemp will need to lead the Dodgers through his actions and production on the field. He has been hampered by a hamstring injury since he sustained it earlier this season, and he has not had the type of production many are used to seeing. Although as it nears the end of the baseball season, all eyes will and should be on Kemp. Being the best player on the team comes with a lot of responsibility and if Kemp is able to improve upon his stats on the field and lead the Dodgers to a NL West title, then he will have further proven that he deserves all the praise.

3) Consistent Play

--The Dodgers have not been very inconsistent in their play all season. As the NL West standings indicate the Dodgers started off pretty strong and then the All-Star break came and now the San Francisco Giants are in first place by a .5 game. The division is up for grabs with the Dodgers, Giants, and Diamondbacks all in the mix. The team that is able to stay consistent coming down the stretch will win the division. The Dodgers need to start to capitalize when they are on a hot streak, winning one series and then losing the next series will not win the NL West. Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti has made the necessary moves to improve the team, now it is on Manager Don Mattingly and the players to produce on the field.

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