LA Dodgers P Clayton Kershaw: Not living up to expectations?

Los Angeles Dodgers ace pitcher Clayton Kershaw is not having a horrible season, although this season is not matching up with his 2011 National League Cy Young campaign. Needless to say, it is way too early to even begin worrying about the All-Star Pitcher. The Dodgers are playing well and are currently in first place in the National League West. But as the ace on the LA Dodgers pitching staff, Kershaw is starting to feel the stress that comes after with winning the NL Cy Young.

Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly certainly made a very interesting comment in regards to P Clayton Kershaw. Mattingly stated, “He puts so much pressure on himself to be really good, he seems frustrated sometimes, like he’s not having any fun”. It is a good thing Clayton does put pressure on himself that may bring out the best in him as pitcher. It certainly shows that he is aware of how great he can be and that he knows he is not where he should be. Self-awareness for an athlete is key to achieving success. Clayton is exhibiting great self-awareness and that is a great characteristic for any player, including the pitching ace of a baseball franchise.

It is without a doubt that Kershaw putting pressure on himself can negatively impact his game, but when you begin to considered that as the MLB season is coming to a close and the playoffs start, that is when players really being to feel the heat. Kershaw has proven to be a great pitcher in the MLB, and should take the criticisms of others as a sign of respect. Legacies are defined in how well an individual performs in playoff/championship games, if Kershaw has a great 2012 postseason no one will remember what he did during the early part of the 2012 regular season.

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