Dodgers sign RF Andre Ethier to five-year contract extension

The Los Angeles Dodgers have signed RF Andre Ethier to a five-year contract extension worth $85 million. Last year, the Dodgers and Matt Kemp agreed to an eight-year contract extension worth $160 million. Andre Ethier’s deal now insures that the Dodgers will be able to keep their two stars in Los Angeles for the future. Kemp and Ethier are vital to the success of the Dodgers and they will be the faces of Dodgers baseball for years to come.

Andre Ethier’s contract extension allows for the Dodgers to keep him during the prime of his career. If he fulfills the requirements of the contract and the club option is picked up for the last season, it will expire when Ethier will be 36 years old. Leaving the Dodgers in a great position to get the best of him and not be stuck having to pay the remainder of a large contract to an aging player.

Across the MLB, when looking at the Yankees’ 3B Alex Rodriguez and SS Derek Jeter, the Angles 1B Albert Pujols, these players have received huge contracts. They have all earned them, although towards the end of their contracts the Yankees and Angles will probably be overpaying these players because their on field production will not match their contract’s worth.

Many people associated with Dodgers baseball looked at signing Andre Ethier as a great thing. Ethier does not have any interest in playing for any other team than the Dodgers, he stated, “This is one of the best places in baseball to be and play, no matter what’s going on, even in the bad times you can’t complain about living in this city.” It is great to see a player show commitment and stick with it, as we have seen so many times with other players who want to test free agency and the massive contracts.

Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly on the signing of Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier stated, “…it says you want to get better as an organization…to me, it makes a commitment to the fans.” Ethier’s contract extension has a stamp of approval from Manager Don Mattingly

and surely a ringing endorsement from Dodgers fans. The future for the Los Angeles Dodgers is looking very bright with the long-term signings of Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier.

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