Dodgers conclude 10-game road trip in a 3-game series at Atlanta, face Giants back home on Monday

The Los Angeles Dodgers are currently ending a 10-game road trip where they finish up with a 3-game series with the Atlanta Braves tonight. On this road trip so far, the Dodgers have a record of 5-2. This 3-game series is extremely important to the Dodgers because it is on the end of a 10-game road trip and in their next series they face the San Francisco Giants. As of right now in the National League West standings, the Dodgers lead the Giants by a .5 game.

The Dodgers will face the Giants in a 3-game series three more times before the end of the season and as a consequence of the close race in the NL West, every game becomes that much more important. Furthermore, during this season, when the Dodgers have played the Giants, Los Angeles has lost every one of their previous series. Up to this point in the season, in those previous series that the Dodgers have played before the Giants they have all been away, although for the final two 3-game series against San Francisco, Los Angeles will be playing their previous series at home. For the Dodgers, this makes the series against the Atlanta Braves critical for them at this point in the season.

The Dodgers winning the series at Atlanta will give them momentum heading into their 3-game series in Los Angeles against the Giants. While the Giants lost Melky Cabrera with his 50-game suspension, they cannot depend on San Francisco to just fade into the division. Without a doubt, Melky was a solid player for the Giants, and what the National League West standings have shown all this season is that teams can overcome losses. If the Dodgers are unable to make the most out of their 3-game series against Atlanta and San Francisco, then the National League West title may just come down to the final 3-game series on the last three days of the regular season in Los Angeles against the Giants.

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