Dodgers Rumors: Joc Pederson an option to replace Dee Gordon in the leadoff spot?

The Los Angeles Dodgers aren't necessarily done from a roster construction standpoint this offseason (perhaps far from it), but the task of replacing Dee Gordon as the leadoff hitter is already unearthing some intriguing in-house options.

Yasiel Puig and Carl Crawford have been mentioned as potential candidates in several circles, but there's also super-prospect center fielder Joc Pederson to take into consideration.

Here's Lasorda's Lair's Stacie Wheeler with a case for Pederson at the top of the lineup:

While Andrew Friedman cannot commit to top prospect Joc Pederson starting in center field for the Dodgers in 2015, Pederson’s success could not only alter the Dodgers’ outfield configuration but also their lineup. While Pederson won’t be the next Brett Butler at the top of the order, his youth and speed could make him a contender.

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Pederson will have to work to reduce his near-20% strikeout rate in the minor leagues to be even considered for the task, but he's at least an intriguing option for Don Mattingly to consider if he shines in spring training.

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