Dodgers Rumors: Jimmy Rollins Had A Surprising Backup Choice For A Trade This Winter

The Los Angeles Dodgers were veteran shortstop Jimmy Rollins' top pick for a trade destination before being shipped from the Philadelphia Phillies this offseason, but it's his #2 option that may surprise some people.

"This was my No. 1 landing spot," Rollins said at Dodgers spring training camp, via, "and I considered the Mets to be No. 2. They have some arms over there -- oh my gosh.

"I'm not saying I would have gone there. It would have taken a lot. But when I was asked, 'Write down the places you would go if you don't have any (no-trade protection),' I had one team on my list and another where I would go if it didn't work out. Fortunately it worked out here (in Los Angeles). I'm very delighted with that."

Rollins' comments are interesting in that the Mets reportedly inquired about Rollins before his trade to Los Angeles, only to be told that he wouldn't waive his no-trade clause to move to New York.

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