Dodgers Rumors: Is Andre Ethier Likely to Leave Los Angeles?

Updated 12/3/2012 4:35pm ET

According to the Chat Sports rumor mill, is seems that there is a chance that the Dodgers may move away from Andre Etheir this off season. While Ethier is a great player, he has many critical flaws that make a player to ship off while he still has value.

Ethier is in his 30's and has proven throughout his career that he cannot hit against left handed pitchers. Additionally, his fielding skills have not been anything close to elite throughout his career.

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Lastly the Dodgers have to consider how much they want to invest in Ethier. He did receive a contract extension this summer for 5-years $85 million, but that is no reason why the Dodgers could not send him elsewhere this season.

Surely there is a team out there who would give up several young prospects for Ethier...

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