Dodgers P Josh Beckett slumping since trade

Dodgers P Josh Beckett has had a rough time since being traded out of Boston. Beckett’s record as a Dodger is 1-2 with his only win coming against the Arizona Diamondbacks. In coming to Los Angeles, Beckett was not the key factor in the trade. As a matter of fact, he was looked at more so as a relief for the Boston Red Sox to get rid of.

While Beckett’s earned run averages in his first three starts have not been high, the Dodgers have dropped 2 out of his first 3 starts. Another issue for Beckett is that he has not gone deep, in terms of innings pitched, in any of his games. As a result, the bullpen has been put at a disadvantage because they are forced to essentially pitch more innings. When the bullpen has to pitch more, it has an effect on their status for future games.

Now is not the time to panic or make any rush decisions, but if Josh Beckett does not improve on his pitching then it would be wise for the Dodgers to consider benching him. The San Francisco Giants are in 1st place in the National League West, leading the Dodgers by 5.5 games. Every game matters for the Dodgers from this point on. The lead for the Giants is a comfortable one right now and with every passing game the Dodgers will be watching the National League West crown slip out of their reach.

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