3 Reasons Why The Los Angeles Dodgers WILL Win The World Series

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been pegged as a championship contender for a few years now, but there's something different about this team that tells us they'll be able to get it done this year. Here are 3 reasons why the Los Angeles Dodgers WILL win the World Series this year: 

1) Depth Everywhere

The Washington Nationals were celebrated prior to the season by most as the deepest squad from 1 to 25 in all baseball - we now know that's all hype, and the Dodgers are actually the real thing. There is no squad in all of baseball with more legit lineup and pitching depth up and down the board than the Los Angeles Dodgers. Manager Don Mattingly can mix and match his lineup with stars a-plenty, and that's a heck of a luxury to have.

2) Who's Going To Stop Them?

The Pirates have the stink of impending disaster wafting off of them for some reason (probabaly because they're the Pirates) and we're not buying into the young Mets or Cubs squads holding down the fort all the way through October. That just leaves the Cardinals, and to be straight, the Dodgers owe them one in the playoffs. Lightning rarely strikes thrice.

3) Frontline Starting Pitching

Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke are the best #1/#2 combination in all of baseball, no matter who wants to say otherwise. People want to point to Kershaw's postseason struggles like it's some sort of albatross, but that doesn't mean anything in the here and now. We'd rather ride with both of these guys in a five- and seven-game series than anyone other duo in baseball the past several years.

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