The 3 Biggest Draft Busts In San Diego Chargers History

The San Diego Chargers have had some wonderful luck in the NFL Draft over the years (Junior Seau, LaDainian Tomlinson, etc.), but they've also had their fair share of draft busts who've broken our hearts with heaping spoonfuls of potential unfulfilled. Here’s our list of The 3 Biggest Draft Busts In San Diego Chargers History.

3. S Stanley Richard (#9 in 1991)

The second-worst top-ten pick in Chargers history (more on #1 later), Davis was an absolute standout at the University of Texas prior to inking a deal with the Bolts in 1991. Sadly, he seemed overwhelmed by the step up in competition and notched just three interceptions in three seasons before leaving town.

2. WR Craig Davis (#30 in 2007)

The gap between Davis' bust credentials and those of our #1 entrant is wide as the day is long, but that doesn't detract from just how disappointing Davis' time in San Diego was. The man they call "Buster" had a promising rookie season in Southern California before flaming out in a mess of injuries and inconsistent play.

1. QB Ryan Leaf (#2 in 1998)

You can replace the term "draft bust" with Ryan Leaf's name and most football fans wouldn't bat an eye. The ultimate consolation prize gone wrong, the Indianapolis Colts took Peyton Manning #1 in 1998 ending the bizarre Manning or Leaf (in hindsight) that dominated the press during the pre-draft process. With Manning off the board, the Chargers pegged Leaf as their franchise quarterback.


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