San Diego Chargers vs Oakland Raiders Pre-Game Festivites, Take One

Nice of you to join me again, Ladies and Gents. I promise not to disappoint.

As I told you all yesterday (if you didn't get here because you read my last article, please do yourself a favor and read it. It's good, I promise), I'm here to offer you all the information which is clearly more important than anything else: Fantasy football and betting info.

Yup folks, for today, I have you covered.

Let's start with betting, 'cause that's easy stuff:

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San Diego Chargers, -7, 47.5 Point Spread

My advice? Take the Chargers. Though San Diego continues to play under their potential, the Raiders are still trying to get their feet back under them after the loss of Jason Campbell. Covering 7 points is a lot to ask, but it seems quite plausible to me. As for the spread? I'd take the under. Two good defenses + two struggling offenses = low points. It's that simple.

Now for some Fantasy advice:

Start 'em

1. Mike Tolbert: Tolbert is bound to get a good amount of touches, especially some end zone looks, with the continuing injury issues with Ryan Mathews. I'd say he's worth the WR/RB spot on your roster, and perhaps even a starting spot if your depth isn't great.

2. Vincent Jackson: Rivers may not have a great game, but Jackson has been coming on strong lately, and he'll have a good chance to make some noise against a middle-of-the-pack defensive backfield.

3. *Sleeper* Curtis Brinkley: If you're really desperate for a RB this week, give Brinkley a try. Mathews will play today, but his effectiveness is questionable due to both the short week and the nagging nature of hamstring injuries.

Sit 'em

1. Malcom Floyd: If you didn't know already, Floyd has been ruled out for the game. You can start him, but you'll be wasting a spot.

2. Philip Rivers: Being the eternal pessimist that I am, I have a hard time believing that Rivers is on the path to righting the ship. This week just doesn't feel like his week to me.

3. Ryan Mathews: Groin injuries have a nasty habit of hanging around. He may have fully participated in practice this week, but it's still fairly possible that he will re-tweak it sometime during the game, especially due to the short week. Start with caution.

That's all folks. Join me tomorrow for all your post-game analysis needs. Until then, be good. Hypnotoad is watching (and still commanding you to read).

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