San Diego Chargers Rumors: Will Norv Turner Be Replaced by Steve Mariucci

Updated 12/24/12 10:10am ET

Over the last five of so seasons constant rumors have emerged around the firing of San Diego Chargers head coach Norv Turner.

Yet, every year Norv continues to win a game or two in the clutch and somehow gets to keep his job.

Alas, this finally seems like the final year that the Chargers will have Turner at the helm, and rumors are already started to swirl regarding his possible replacement.

Possible the best replacement for Turner would be Steve Mariucci.

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During the "Football Night in America" broadcast on Sunday, Peter King of Sports Illustrated reported the identity of a man who could be brought in to replace Turner; as foreshadowed in the title of this post, it's former Lions HC Steve Mariucci.

Mariucci has a strong history of winning as head coach of the 49ers from 1997-2002, but was not as great with the Lions from 2003-2005.

Nevertheless, Mariucci is a much loved coach who knows how to run an offense effectively and efficiently, which is exactly what the Chargers are looking for.

If the Charges will finally relieve Norv Turner from his coaching duties, expect the Chargers to take a long hard look at Steve Mariucci.

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