San Diego Chargers Fans are Electrifying!

The San Diego Chargers were established in 1960 and are still the only team in Southern California. As you may know, in 1992 the Chargers were the only team to start the season 0-4 and still make it to the playoffs. Last season the Chargers were the first team to rank at the top of defense and offense overall NFL teams, but had no chance at making it to the playoffs due to poor special teams . . . and maybe even poorer coaching. I believe the fans play a huge part in the Chargers success. The support of Charger fans is unlike any others I have seen. The motivation they have flows through their veins making them hard to touch or match their electrifying energy. Looking back the Charger have always had a great team and supporting fans. Do you think the San Diego Chargers will have a chance at the Super Bowl this season despite their previous blunders on the field? We here at Chat Sports would love to hear your thoughts.

For you viewing pleasure, some great videos of the BEST Chargers fans out there:

Vendor goes ham on Boltman!

Die Hard Fan!

Chargers #1 fan!

Chargers impact on the youth

Crazy Chargers Fan!

Chargers away game #1!

Chargers away game #2!

Lean like a Charger!

Chargers Girls in Hong Kong

Chargers Highlights!

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