Jacksonville Jaguars vs San Diego Chargers Game Preview: Can San Diego Get Back on Track

Welcome, welcome, welcome ladies and gentlemen! I know that, like me, most of you have given up on the Chargers after they dropped their sixth straight game last week. As loyal fans, though, we push on.

This week, San Diego brings its travelling circus to Jacksonville, where they take on a Jaguars team that is in shambles after a rough season that has left former head coach Jack Del Rio in its wake.

So, let's hit some of the important points:

Fantasy Football

Start 'em

Philip Rivers - If there's a single game left on the Chargers schedule that would be conducive to the Chargers' point man finally waking from his funk, it's this one. The Jaguars may have a decent defense, but their offense is so miserably out of sync, turnovers are an inevitability, and that means big potential for extra offense.

Ryan Mathews - As the only one who really had an impact against the Broncos, Mathews has to be on this list. Another 100 yard game is possible, though I would count more on him putting up 1+ touchdowns instead.

Sit 'em

Chargers Defense - Let's be honest, if you're still starting the Chargers' defense, you're either desperate or stupid. Either way, despite the way this game seems like it could turn out, it seems more likely that the last six games have been a developing pattern. The biggest problem that San Diego is having on defense is stopping the run, and their challenge this week is one of the hardest in the League: Maurice Jones-Drew. Expect Jacksonville, despite their struggles, to put up at least 14 points, so unless your other defensive option will get you less than 6-8 points, start San Diego. Otherwise, find someone else.

Mike Tolbert - San Diego seems committed to giving Mathews a fair go of it after a few good weeks. That, coupled with his lack of injury issues in recent weeks, means less snaps for Tolbert.


Betting Primer

Odds - Chargers by 3, Over/Under 39.5

Where should you lay your money - I've been betting against the Chargers for six weeks now, but this week I may finally flip to the other side of the ball. A three point spread should be easy for the Chargers to cover. As for the O/U, I'd go for the under. The Jags are woeful on offense, and the Chargers can't seem to figure it out in the red zone.


Big Issues for this Week

Who's on the hot seat? I'm opening this one up to you all in the comments section, because it's a big issue, but I'll go ahead and give you some info anyways. In my mind, three people within the Chargers organization are in big trouble if things don't change soon:

Philip Rivers - I don't think that one bad year will kill his Chargers career, but he is single-handedly killing San Diego on offense. He just has never looked comfortable this year. He needs to pick it up, because I'm starting to wonder about how effective Billy Volek might be instead...

Norv Turner - Not only are the Chargers losing, but they're looking really sloppy in the process. The playcalling is bland and they're making really bad decisions, and that comes from the coach. Turner may be considered one of the best offensive minds in the NFL, but he doesn't seem to be cut out for the head coaching game.

AJ Smith - He hasn't been drafting well, his personnel decisions have been questionable, and I'm of the opinion that the issues in San Diego start at the top. AJ Smith is extremely well respected in the NFL community, but perhaps the time has come for someone new to step in.


Game Preview

Let's get down to it with some game-specific stuff

Prediction - Chargers 20 - 10 Jacksonville

Both teams are having a hard time figuring out how to get things going, but it seems to me like the Chargers are a little more together. It's going to be an ugly one, with at least one turnover for each team, but San Diego should come out on top.

Like what you've seen? Come back and keep reading! I'm going to try to set a definite update schedule that I hope to eventually get up to once per day or more. Until then, keep on keeping on, check back, and follow me on twitter if you'd like immediate updates (@chriseggemeyer).

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