Chargers vs Bills Post-Game Analysis: San Diego Makes It Two

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I was surfing through channels the other day, trying to find something to take up my time, and I came upon one of my favorite holiday movies (and a film that I consider to be the best Christmas movie of my generation), Elf. For those of you who don't know, it features a man, raised by elves, who, despite being laughably childish and exceedingly naive, finds a way to save Santa, unite his family, and save Christmas.

Is that what we're seeing right now with the San Diego Chargers?

After six straight losses, I had actually started rooting against San Diego, hoping that a rough season would bring on some big changes (come on, you know that you did the same thing). Between injuries, a fairly bland play-calling regimen and some good, old-fashioned bad luck, the Frightening Lightning was looking bad. Really bad.

Yet here we are. Week 14 is over, and the Chargers find themselves within spitting distance of the AFC West crown (well, providing that the Broncos run out of favors from God and miracle juice).

When did we become the NFC West?

In any case, let's throw out some awards for yesterdays game:

The game was over when... I'm not sure it was ever on. Aside from Philip Rivers' ridiculous fumble, the Chargers dominated the game. It was over from the first touchdown.

Stud of the Game... Philip Rivers. 240 yards, 3 touchdowns and a good completion percentage. Where has this been all year?

Dud of the Game... Philip Rivers. Yes, you heard me. He may have been the leading force behind the win, but his goofy fumble-returned-for-a-touchdown put the fear back into the Chargers' bench, and it was certainly a play that deserves a spot in the blooper reel for this week.

Stat of the Game... 1. Steve Gregory scored his first NFL touchdown on Sunday after six years in the League. That deserves plenty of recognition in my mind.

What this means for the Chargers... Probably nothing. The Tebow-Train pulled off another miracle, which means that they maintain a two game lead on the Chargers with three games left in the season. At this point, the playoffs probably aren't going to happen, which really means that San Diego just messed with their draft position. Shame.

Join me on Wednesday, when we take a look back at Sunday, tackle an important issue-to-be-chosen-later, and look forward to next Sunday.

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