4 Easiest Games On The Chargers’ 2015 Schedule

Every game during the course of an NFL regular season takes its own special toll, but these next four games are the closest thing to a breather the San Diego Chargers will get in 2015. Here’s our list of the 4 Easiest Games On The Chargers’ 2015 Schedule.

4. Chicago Bears (November 9th)

Former Broncos HC John Fox is attempting to work some Peyton Manning voodoo magic on Jay Cutler in his first year on the sidelines at Soldier Field, but no amount of positive reinforcement is going to salvage a confidence level that was shattered beyond repair by alleged QB guru Marc Trestman.

Also, the Bears secondary is injury prone and perpetually a step slow, which should allow Philip Rivers to pull out one of his now-patented fantasy football specials.

3. Cleveland Browns (October 4th)

The Cleveland Browns will either be starting Josh "Replacement Level" McCown or the Artist Formerly Known As Johnny Football, with McCown the far-and-away favorite unless Manziel magically puts everything together on the practice field in the next few months. So, the Chargers defense will either have a great day or the BEST day during this cupcake home game in San Diego.

2. @ Oakland Raiders (October 25th, December 24th)

The Raiders are starting to peek their heads out of their hole after a decade-long loop of Groundhog Day futility, but the offense is still a couple of playmakers short of mediocrity -- even with first-year WR Amari Cooper patrolling on the outside. In addition, the team is looking to a young, oft-injured enigma (DJ Hayden) to be its #1 cornerback and an array of overpaid cast-offs to fill out the gaps in the defense.

They'll be better, but not by much in 2015.

1. @ Jacksonville Jaguars (November 29th)

How many times have NFL pundits said "this is the year the Jags put it together," only to watch the dumpster fire get stoked by inept personnel decisions and a fan base who always seems either board or late for a tee time somewhere else. Blake Bortles will have Julius Thomas to throw to in year two, but the problem is that he's still Blake Bortles...

Fun times for the destined-to-be London Jaguars.

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