Top 10 Los Angeles Angels players of all time!

The Los Angeles Angels were the first LA team to originate from this west coast region, back in 1892. The Los Angeles Angles rich history set them apart from other sports organizations. With that being said, there is no reason to wonder why some of the best MLB players of all time began a successful baseball career with the Angels.

Jim Fregosi was the first Angels star. Jim Fregosi was the most productive and influential baseball star of the late 1960's. Jim was an all round player who could hit, run and throw.

Than in 1979 Don Baylor became the second star leading the Los Angeles Angels players to the first AL Western Division title. Don Baylor is known for his power and urge to crowd the plate.

Next Bobby Grich opened the door for many Los Angeles Angels players,with his unbelievable work ethic. Bobby Grich  had steady hands making him a unique double play thrower. Bobby Grich could also hit the ball, he was one of the most predominant home run hitters in 1981.

Then the franchize Added Rod Carew to the mix in 1985. Rod Carew is known for his outstanding ability to be a consistent contact hitter. He is considered one of the most consistent hitters of all time.

After Rod, a new killer curve ball pitcher by the name of Bert Blyleven was added to the roster. In 1973, Bret Blyleaven pitched the most shutouts of any AL pitcher ever.  Thus, making him one of the greatest in Los Angels history. Bert Blyleven's contributions in the late 1980's were astounding considering it was towards the end of his career.

Then with Bert's help Nolan Ryan came in from a dreadful season with the New York Mets. Nolan Ryan came back to have one of the best years in his career. Nolan Ryan had threw pitches at 100mph or more on a regular basis. This lead him to set his first major league record with 383 strike outs in 1973 season.

Seeing that the Angels need more power a new all star was added. Brian Downing came in 1979 with a improved batting stance increasing his accuracy on hitting the ball. He also made the AL all star squad for the first time.

Hoping to learn from Brian Downing Chuck finley contribution made the team excel during his 15 year career. At the time back in early 1980'2 he won 15 games six time.

In 1993 Tim Salmon rookie year he was given the title of rookie of the year. Tim Salmon was a hard hitter known for his big swings at the plate.

Garret Anderson has played the most games for the Angels. Garret Anderson is ability to get a hit when the team needs it lead him to keep a top batting spot. Garret Anderson Batting average is close to .293.

Each and every addition add to this team made the MLB what it is today. If it wasnt for these pioneers baseball would be lacking alot of skill and fan base.

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