The Angels Chances at a Playoff Spot are Slipping Away

At the beginning of the season a playoff spot was guaranteed to the Angels as soon as Albert Pujols signed on the dotted line.  Then CJ Wilson followed and the Angels were almost locked into a World Series spot, if not a championship.  Too bad the season isn't played out on paper.

The Angels are struggling to find a way to make it into the playoffs even as they continue to improve and play winning baseball again.  The problem is that the teams in front of them are playing just as well, if not better.  The A's are continuing their winning ways, however that is even possible.  They have a lineup and pitching staff that you couldn't even name 5 players from.

Then of course their is Texas who has turned into a juggernaut in the AL West.  They have found a winning formula and are sticking to it with amazing results.  Texas may have the scariest lineup in the Majors and they spent about half as much money as the Angels and Yankees spend annually.

This year brings in a second wild-card spot to the playoffs giving the Angels no excuse to miss the playoffs again, but they will probably have to finish this season on a ridiculous hot streak to consider playing in the playoffs.  At the start of September, The Halos are 4.5 games out of second place in the AL West and 7.5 out first place.  Also, they are 2.5 games out one of the two wild-card spots.  Not somewhere you want to be with 29 games left in the season.

If I were to take a guess I would say the Angels need to win at least 22 games in their last 29 to make the playoffs.  Not necessarily impossible, but definitely a tall task to complete.  My guess is that winning fewer than 20 of their last 29 will have the Angels searching for a new manager next year.  A horrible thing considering the amazing job that Scioscia has done over the years, but that is the business part of sports.  Produce or be replaced.  It should be an interesting September in baseball.

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