Potential Free Agents The Angels Should Pursue This Winter

The World Series is set to start tonight and while myself and many other Angel fans expected to be glued to the television watching our team take on the National Leagues best... We are not.  Instead we are hearing about Albert Pujols and his minor surgery and other happenings from the team.  The following players are potential free agents this summer and players who I think could bring the Angels a title next season.

Mike Napoli.  OH what you mean that guy that was cast off the team, because he wasn't considered to be a great defensive catcher and has since demolished the Angels in every way possible since?  Yeah that guy.  I know that the Angels have Chris Ianetta and he is an admirable choice to run things behind the plate.  However, I think that they need more offense from that position and we all know that Napoli can hit the ball.       2nd Choice:  AJ Pierzynski

Brandon Inge:  Inge has always been listed as a 3rd baseman, but he has played just about every position on the field.  Hence the reason he is a guy that I would love to have on the team.  The Angels once had a guy fill that type of role named Chone Figgins.  I for one think that even at Inge's age he could bring something to the Angels that they are lacking.  Versatility.                2nd Choice:  Alfredo Almezega

Zach Greinke:  I know that he is technically still on the Angels roster, but he should be priority one of the starting pitchers (Ervin Santana and Dan Haren also free agents).  Greinke has incredible stuff and showed that he could pitch in the AL.  I think that if the Angels want to make the playoffs next season they need to keep Greinke on the payroll.                                             2nd Choice:  Jake Peavy

Grant Balfour:  The Angels need to wipe the slate clean with their relief pitching and bring in a brand new squad.  Aside from Ernesto Frieri, the rest of the pen is expendable at this point.  I think bringing in a guy like Balfour would be a huge move.  First, because he is a great pitcher and second it weakens Oakland's bullpen.  This would be a smart choice.               2nd Choice:  Rafael Soriano

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