Mike Trout for MVP!

We all know how good Mike Trout has been this season.  He has absolutely exceeded every expectation placed upon him.  With the MLB season getting near its end, the questions will start coming in about who will win the major awards this seasons.  Trout is without a doubt going to win the Rookie of the Year award.  He had that locked up right after the All-Star game.  The real question is will he win AL MVP?

I think that it really comes down to a two person race between Trout and Tigers 1st/3rd/DH Miguel Cabrera.  Cabrera should be at the top of most lists just about every year.  He is an incredibly consistent player.  Always around 30 HR's, 120 RBI's and a .300 BA.  It truly is remarkable the consistency that he possesses.

The one thing that I will give Trout over Cabrera is the ability to score runs.  Trout is an incredible athlete and any time he reaches base, pitchers have to be aware that he can steal bases with the best of them.  He goes 1st to 3rd like a thoroughbred racehorse.  He leads MLB in runs scored this year, WAR (Wins Above Replacement) and stolen bases, while also leading the AL in batting average.

Stats tell you one thing and then you watch this kid and you can just tell that he is out there having fun like he was playing little league baseball.  I can't believe how this young man has become such a great player so quickly.  At the beginning of the season everybody was talking about Bryce Harper and his ascent to the majors and Trout has made a lot of people rethink who will be the face of Baseball for the next 15 years.  I know it is only one season, but it a historic one at that.

If I had a vote I would take Trout for AL Rookie of the Year, MVP and Cy Young.  I know that Cy Young is a pitchers award, but I think trout has won just as many games for his pitchers as some pitchers have won for their teams.  Why not?  Anyways, don't be surprised if either Cabrera or Trout win the award.  Just know that Trout is gonna win a few more in his career.  He is that good!

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