Is There Any Chance the Angels Make The Playoffs

The chances that the Angels make the playoffs are starting to look very bleak.  They are starting to play better baseball, but the two teams in front of them don't see to be willing to lose any games to help the Angels out.  Both Baltimore and Oakland are continuing to approach that magic number and claim those last two playoff spots.

The Angels have had their fair share of chances this year to get things on track and continuously faded after some strong play began.  As an Angel fan it is a little discouraging to see such a talented team struggle at time this season.  There have been a few bright spots this season, but that pretty much begins and ends with Mike Trout and Jered Weaver.

Albert Pujols and his ludicrous contract are destined to spend October at home watching the playoffs and all those players who make half as much money as him annually.  Then again, with 11 games in the season, a lot is still possible.  If the Angels are to make the playoffs it would take a pretty monumental collapse from the O's and A's.  A collapse can happen though, as we have seen in the past.

How about that crazy collapse by the Red Sox and Braves last year?  Or maybe the devastating 1995 season for the Angels who led by 11.5 games in mid-August only to see the fighting Kenneth Griffey Jr's overtake them.  It is not out of the question to see one of the two teams ahead of the Angels have some kind of fall in the standings.  Both teams have been at the bottom part of the standings for quite a few years now.  Many of the players have never been tested in late September games.

It all seems like the Angels are hoping for a lot of "what if" scenarios.  But, at least there still seems to be some hope for them.  At this point I am just happy not to be a Houston Astros or Chicago Cubs fan.  Those who haven't been happy about the season since their teams on opening day.  Even without a playoff appearance this season.  I expect the Angels to make a few moves this offseason and immediately start preparing for an 110 win season next year.  It's always good to stay optimistic.

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