Is Josh Hamilton Destined to Fail?

Josh Hamilton is off to a slow start this season and considering his torrid start to the season last year, he is really off to a slow start.  Through 5 games, he has 1 hit in 20 at bats and 10 strikeouts.  That's not what I like to call, good.  So can we assume that Josh Hamilton, much like Albert Pujols last season is bound to have a rough season?  My heart wants to say no, but let's face it the answer is most likely yes.

Hamilton is soon to be 32 years old and probably nearer to the end of his career than to the start.  He still has tons of power and can get hot at any time and rip off a week of stellar hitting where he can look like the best hitter in baseball.  The problem is that the times when he is in a slump, like right now, is a much more common occurrence.  I think Hamilton can still have a decent year, but don't be surprised if he doesn't make the All-Star team.

The Angels have signed quite a few pricey free agents in the last couple years and to this point none of them have worked out great.  That is mostly because they haven't won a World Series.  Angels fans want to see results immediately and it may take this team a month or so to really hit its stride.  The pitching needs to improve and the bullpen especially has plenty of room for improvement.  However, the bats in the lineup have enough star power to keep the Angels in games even if they get down a few runs.

Hamilton has a chance to improve the Angels team quite a bit, but he better start getting hits before people in Anaheim start losing faith in their newest talent.  Angel fans have seen this story play out before.  Bring in a big name, expect great things and fail to meet expectations.  The failure to meet expectations part better not happen again or the roster and coaching staff is going to get a major overhaul.  At 2 wins and 3 losses, Angel fans shouldn't worry just yet about an under .500 record. However, at 60 wins and 62 losses things might be a tad different.

I will be the first one to praise Josh Hamilton for all that he has done through his career.  He has overcome an addiction, the potential to be a major bust and starting his career in Tampa Bay, before it was a good baseball team.  I just hope that he has more left in the tank to give LAA the talented clean-up hitter it needs to best the other teams in the MLB.

Today is the last of the 3 game series with Texas, Hamilton's previous team and it is the Sunday Night Baseball game of the week.  A national TV audience and plenty of people in Texas who still want to see him fail.  Wouldn't it be great if he were to hit a couple home runs and make a nice catch in the outfield to save the game in the late innings?  I think it would be.  So the challenge is up to Hamilton.  Tonight could be the second start to his season.  Better to start now and not 75 games into the season.  Just ask Albert Pujols.

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