If Only The Angels Could...

The Angels are winning again.  Well, maybe that is a bit of an overstatement.  They have won 2 straight games.  The good thing is that they are finally scoring runs.  The bad part is that they still giving up a ton of runs.  The pitching needs to be better or this season is over, if it isn't already.

If only the Angels could play the Tigers all season.  They have now won 8 straight games against their American League foes.  Not only are they beating the Tigers the Angels seem to score more runs against the Tigers.  In 5 games this season LAA has scored 43 runs.  That is more than 8 runs a game for a team averaging just over half of that.  What is it about Detroit that makes the hitters better?  I think it is seeing Torii Hunter out there or maybe it's just that Mike Trout wants to make sure the team is better against the guy that he lost the MVP race to last year.

If only the Angels could be healthy.  Way too many injuries for a team that obviously needs all the players it can get.  Even the players who are "healthy" don't look as such.  There is something seriously wrong with Albert Pujols.  I don't know if it still the same foot injury or what, but he needs to figure out what is causing his unusual long term struggle.  Having Jered Weaver miss a lot of starts and Erick Aybar has been out a lot and it just seems as if nobody on this team can stay healthy.  That makes it tough to win games.

If only the Angels could find any relief pitching.  I think the Angels have some guys who look good at times and then the next time they pitch they look absolutely terrible.  The consistency is just not there.  Dane De La Rosa has been a big surprise I think.  A guy who was not even on any teams radar a little while ago and now he is making a solid contribution.  If they can find two or three guys who can shut down a team for an inning that would be great.  Easier said than done at this point in the season.

If only the Angels could have the players they sign to big deals step up their games.  Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols are killing the Angels.  Killing them!  That is an awful lot of salary to play two guys everyday that can't hit over .250 through the first half of the season.  Not only that why are so many previous Angels doing well for other teams.  Scott Kazmir was never good in Anaheim and now he is a solid #2 starter for a surprising team.  Torii Hunter was always a good player, but he started off the season on fire and though has come back to earth a little.

If only the Angels could start the season over.  Maybe things would be different.  Maybe nothing would change.  But, I can guarantee that if the Angels management had a second shot at signing some players in the off-season they may have done things differently.  Possibly go after some pitching and pitching and more pitching instead of trying to sign another aging big name.  No, that would have been too smart for a team that hasn't been smart for a few seasons.  I am a little surprised that Mike Scioscia is still the manager of this team.  I thought for sure he would be gone if they played as poorly as they did last season.

If only the Angels weren't the Angels.  Alright let me rephrase that.  IF only the Angels were in the NL West.  That division is so confusing.  I can't tell who is good, who is bad and who is the Padres.  Nobody seems to want to get things going all that much.  I know that Arizona has played good baseball, but I don't know if they can sustain that long term.  Move the Angels to that division and maybe that would help?  Maybe!

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